For global problems such as climate change, researchers can identify the problem, its effects, and a portfolio of potential solutions. Enactment of these solutions, however, requires communication and collaboration across scientific disciplines, non-academic organizations, government agencies and cultural divides. The Climate Engagement Program at UC Santa Cruz seeks to train and support graduate students from diverse backgrounds undertaking climate change related research to effectively engage with broad audiences. Our approach focuses on three key elements:


Climate change will affect everyone. Diverse leadership, perspectives, and voices are needed to connect with people across the cultural and political landscapes of our communities. 


In order to effectively engage with diverse audiences, we need to meet people where they are at. This means listening and communicating for understanding, and this takes practice!



Building networks to support engagement is critical for broadening our perspectives and identifying new opportunities to expand the dialogue about climate change.


The Climate Engagement Program

As part of the UC Climate Action campaign, this program provides support for motivated graduate students to participate in a summer workshop focused on building communication and leadership skills for climate change engagement. As part of the program, students will develop an engagement plan for their own work and will receive structured support throughout the following year for taking action.